Here for good

Connections Church launched on February 27, 2011 with a vision to "Build Relationships as We Build God’s Kingdom." This vision continues to drive us to do all we can to reach our community for Christ and with over 200,000 people in the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities, the task is enormous. However, we serve a great God who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine and in our six years since launching Connections, we have witnessed a large percentage of growth within the gym walls of Ramsey Elementary.  

Because of this, we are beginning to experience the growing pains of meeting in a temporary facility. God is calling us to raise support to find a permanent location in our community. 

The name of our capital campaign is "Here For Good." The double meaning of this phrase not only describes the importance of a permanent location, but the good that Connections Church strives to accomplish within our community. A permanent location will allow us to impact lives today and for generations to come. We pray that you would seriously consider and pray about financially supporting Connection Church's Here For Good campaign. Every dollar you give represents a life that will be transformed for all eternity.

-Ray Fritz, lead pastor

our financial goal

We have received 70 pledges and $377,556 of our $490,000 pledge goal

(updated 2-1-2020)

frequently asked questions

When we say we want to serve and stay in the Ramsey area – how far away from our current location are we willing to go?

We are trying to stay within a 5 mile radius of Ramsey Elementary.

What options are on the table for a permanent site?

We see two options currently available to us; purchase an existing building and renovate as needed or purchase land to build on at a later time.

Would Connections Church consider taking out a loan in order to remodel or purchase land if not enough funds are raised in the campaign?

Although we can’t rule out taking on debt, we are absolutely committed to taking on as little debt as possible.

There seems to be many buildings for lease or sale in the Ramsey area – why aren’t they viable options for us?

To date, we have looked at all available spaces for sale in Ramsey and none are viable options primarily due to square footage, the extent of renovation required to add adequate plumbing/bathrooms for a church or inadequate parking space. We continue to work with a realtor and the City of Ramsey to explore buildings that are listed for sale. The first line refers to property for lease and the second sentence refers to property for sale. Do we want these to be consistent?

Would we ever consider leasing a different space?

At this time, we feel our resources are best spent on a permanent solution. We are open to creative solutions such as leasing-to-own, but we don’t want to simple move to a new location that has us leasing with no long-term outcome like we have now at the school.

How concerned should we be that Eagle Brook Church has opened a campus only a few miles away from Ramsey?

Eagle Brook Church is in our denomination and has been a great partner with us. Pastor Ray recently participated in their two-year Pastor’s Leadership Cohort training. We are excited about their new launch and will partner with them in reaching our community for Christ. A large church like this will be able to reach some people we cannot and Connections will be able to reach people Eagle Brook cannot. They are going to be a great neighbor.

When other churches have moved from a rented facility to a permanent home, what growth have they seen as a result?

In our church planting network, churches have typically seen 20%-30% growth in their Sunday service attendance. This also translates to growth in their children and student areas as well.

How much money are we expecting to raise?

Our goal is to raise between $490,000x over a three-year period.